Particularly, the relationship between overall protein intake and you can gel uric acid account stays unclear

Individuals aren’t ate dishes have long come thought from affecting the fresh new gel uric-acid level, however, pair analysis are available to service otherwise deny that it impression. Our goal was to evaluate the dating ranging from dieting products and you can serum uric-acid profile from inside the a nationwide associate decide to try of males and you will feamales in the usa.


Playing with research of 14,809 members (six,932 people and 7,877 lady) many years two decades and old regarding 3rd National Health insurance and Nutrition Examination Questionnaire (to your ages 1988–1994), we examined the connection involving the intake of purine-steeped meals, protein, and you will dairy food and you can serum degrees of uric acid. Diet plan are reviewed with a lunch-volume survey. We used multivariate linear regression to regulate to own decades, sex, full energy consumption, bmi, accessibility diuretics, ?-blockers, allopurinol, and you will uricosuric agencies, self-reported blood pressure and you will gout, serum creatinine peak, and you will intake from alcoholic beverages.


The serum uric acid level increased with increasing total meat or seafood intake and decreased with increasing dairy intake. After adjusting for age, the differences in uric acid levels between the extreme quintiles of intake were 0.48 mg/dl for total meat (95% confidence interval [95% CI] 0.34, 0.61; P < 0.001 for trend), 0.16 mg/dl for seafood (95% CI 0.06, 0.27; P = 0.005 for trend), and –0.21 mg/dl for total dairy intake (95% CI –0.37, –0.04; P = 0.02 for trend). After adjusting for other covariates, the differences between the extreme quintiles were attenuated but remained significant (P < 0.05 for all comparisons). The total protein intake was not associated with the serum uric acid level in multivariate analyses (P = 0.74 for trend). Those who consumed milk 1 or more times per day had a lower serum uric acid level than did those who did not drink milk (multivariate difference –0.25 [95% CI –0.40, –0.09]; P < 0.001 for trend). Similarly, those who consumed yogurt at least once every other day had a lower serum uric acid level than did those who did not consume yogurt (multivariate difference –0.26 [95% CI –0.41, –0.12]; P < 0.001 for trend).


Such conclusions from a nationally representative attempt of grownups about United states suggest that large levels of animal meat and you can seafood consumption try associated with the higher gel levels of uric acid however, you to definitely overall proteins intake isn’t. Dairy use try inversely with the gel the crystals top.

Hyperuricemia is regarded as the predecessor away from gout, the typical sort of inflammatory arthritis within the mature guys ( step 1 ). Certain aren’t consumed food have traditionally been thought from affecting this new solution uric acid account, but pair investigation appear. Such as, patients with hyperuricemia otherwise gout are typically informed to eliminate habitual intake off purine-rich products eg chicken and seafood ( dos , step three ), but studies concerning the actual relationship anywhere between these food types and you may gel levels of uric-acid is actually scarce. Early in the day metabolic training used phony packing from filtered purine ( 4-seven ) however, don’t clarify the partnership in order to actual products. Whether or not highest-healthy protein dieting have a tendency to consist of vast amounts away from purines, the latest uricosuric effect of such as for instance diet can get, indeed, even all the way down gel uric-acid levels ( step three , 8 , nine ). Additionally, minimal studies advise that there could be a keen inverse matchmaking ranging from dairy product practices and you will serum the crystals accounts ( 10 , eleven ). Inside a current high possible examination of experience gout certainly one of males, i unearthed that large meat and you may seafood consumption individually increased this new risk of incident gout, whenever you are high dairy intake are protective contrary to the exposure ( a dozen ). Then, highest healthy protein consumption don’t increase the chance ( 12 ). The connection anywhere between this type of losing weight facts therefore the amount of gel uric-acid, not, wasn’t examined in this cohort.

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