If you want a new career that combines http://iciphila.org teaching and technology, consider pursuing a degree in tech education coming from Drexel University. The School of Education offers a program known as Instructional Technology Specialist Qualification that will train you to incorporate technology in to the classroom. The program is designed for teachers who have already keep a instructing certificate and they are interested in understanding how to use technology to enhance learning.

The School of Education by Drexel College or university offers a Master’s level in Educational Technology. This degree program integrates learning savoir and design and style thinking. In addition , it offers schoolwork in game-based learning and online learning. A recognized faculty helps slowly move the program, which will features 12-15 courses amassing 45 credit hours.

The ET program at Drexel University focuses on hands-on learning and problem-solving skills to organize students to get the workplace. The curriculum likewise encourages students to be career-focused and build associations with employers. The university’s over the internet program consists of a variety of hands-on learning activities. Students may choose to take a hands-on, collaborative research course that helps all of them learn additional skills.

In addition to undergraduate courses, the Center to get Science, Technology, and The community at Drexel University provides a graduate-level degree in Science, Technology, and Modern culture. This level offers students the opportunity to explore the interaction among science and technology, and its impact on society. Students will also work with faculty paid members from various fields to study how scientific disciplines and technology are used and employed in everyday life.

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